A great-great-granddaughter of the pastor that built Windermere Church in 1909 joins with a neighborhood boy and other volunteers to construct a new church playground in 2001. The past, the present, and a vision for the future, join in Windermere Renaissance neighborhood renewal.


That the streetcar made East Cleveland possible? Click to see more.

That architecture for industry and building technologies were pioneered in East Cleveland? Click here to see more.

That East Cleveland women were the first in the nation to win the right to vote in their city? Click here to see more.

A Proposal for Neighborhood Renewal

Members of the East Cleveland City Council are being briefed on an ambitious redevelopment program for the Windermere neighborhood at the heart of this city. Windermere Renaissance hopes to begin construction later this year on a Medical Arts Building on Euclid Avenue adjacent to the newly expanded East Cleveland Public Library. We would follow in 2006 with "green" housing, an apartment complex for active seniors, a Professional Services Center "incubator" to help service professionals to establish their practices in East Cleveland, and additional middle-income housing. For a birds-eye view of our proposals, click here.

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Active seniors and those planning for retirement will be particularly interested in the ElderSpirit® housing and community that we propose. Click here to learn more.

Windermere Renaissance, Inc., chartered in August 2004, has deep roots in the East Cleveland community and in the Windermere United Methodist Church. To learn more about this non-profit corporation and its leadership, click here.

We will be rehabilitating fine older buildings and erecting new homes and office buildings on land already vacant. What we build, and who we build for, will tie in as closely as possible with the needs of those who live and work in the Windermere neighborhood, and with the architectural traditions of East Cleveland. We hope to bring jobs, workers, and home-owners into the neighborhood in ways that support the ambitions and needs of current residents. In Cleveland, some Euclid Avenue neighborhoods have been replaced, but in the Windermere neighborhood of East Cleveland our goal is renewal. This approach has been called "The New Urbanism." To learn more, click here.