Ken Maddox and Jan Yandel


The Windermere Renaissance Corporation (WR) was chartered as an Ohio non-profit corporation on August 20, 2004. It is sponsored by the Windermere Taskforce/East Cleveland Initiative. This parent Taskforce had been organized in 2000 by Methodist and civic leadership in order to (1) repair and refurbish Windermere United Methodist Church for religious and community service, (2) to initiate professional family service programs and other services from the church facilities, and (3) to stimulate the physical and social redevelopment of the Windermere neighborhood in East Cleveland.

The Taskforce has raised and spent more than $3,000,000 for physical repairs to the church building and new child-care and family service programs from the church. Rev. Donald Lefelar, who served as Windermere Church pastor from 1974 to 1980, is the Chairman of the Taskforce. While church refurbishing and program development continue, the Windermere Taskforce decided last summer that it was ready to explore the development new housing and other facilities in the neighborhood. It organized an independent corporation for this purpose.

Dr. Richard Cartwright Austin is President of Windermere Renaissance. In the 1940's Dick's father brought him to The Austin Company headquarters in East Cleveland on Saturday mornings, and his grandmother brought him to Windermere Church on Sunday mornings. Dick became a Presbyterian minister specializing in the relation of Christian faith to environmental responsibility. For sixty years Dick has retained a close relationship with Windermere Church and East Cleveland. His most recent book, East of Cleveland, Moral Imagination in Industrial Culture, along with other books he has written, can be examined at

Rev. Kenneth Maddox is Vice President, and he is pastor of Windermere Methodist Church. Before entering the Christian ministry, Ken worked in real estate and business development in both Cleveland and East Cleveland. He is a scholar of the Scriptures and a master of Biblical languages. His two years at Windermere have also revealed a prophetic preacher and an inspiring organizer and leader.

Patricia Blochowiak, MD, a WR Director, is a Family Physician and a resident of East Cleveland. Active in civic and political affairs, Pat heads Global Awareness Through the Arts (& Sciences), and she organizes arts and music programs in East Cleveland.

A Gus Kious, MD, a WR Director, is a board certified Family Physician. In 2004 the Cleveland Clinic appointed Dr. Kious as Chief Administrative Officer at Huron Hospital.
Huron is the leading provider of medical services to the uninsured in the large Cleveland Clinic network. Gus has brought fresh vision and energy to the hospital's program, services, and outreach. He is married and has four adult children, three of whom live in Cleveland Heights. He is a member of the Heights Arts Community Board.

Alonzy H. Randle, a WR Director, is an information technology manager with Jones Day, the nation's second largest law firm. He has 14 years experience in developing IT strategies, global data networks, call centers, software products, and security infrastructure. He is an advisory board member for Remington College. He speaks on technology topics throughout the industry.

Dr. Jan Yandell, a WR Director, is staff associate with the Cleveland District of the United Methodist Church. She oversees Methodist missions and special programs including the Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland. She is also pastor of People's Hope United Methodist Church on the near West Side. Jan is married, with two college-age children.